Why Use STAR Trax?

It takes a perfect mix of people, process and technology to manage assets in a dynamic hospital environment. STAR Trax provides you just that by optimizing your processes and providing clean, patient ready equipment in the right place at the right time. It is the only solution where you can use your current people to achieve higher efficiency and better management of capital and rental assets. Our consultants will help you optimize your processes and our technology will provide the tools your team needs for better efficiency and capturing actionable intelligence.

The following is an overview of Clinical, Operational, and Financial benefits of using STAR Trax:


• Improve Staff Productivity & Morale – providing proper tools, less time searching for equipment
• Patient-ready equipment available when needed
• Eliminate “hunting and hoarding” of equipment
• Reduce therapy delays
• Improve Patient Safety & Satisfaction – less cross contamination, reduce HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections)
• Loss Prevention – laundry, trash
• Easily Locate Assets – RFID technology, without disturbing patients


• Ensures availability of patient-ready equipment
• Proper cleaning and maintenance
• “Actionable” intelligence for better decision making
• Proprietary equipment tracking technology offers scalable options to spread the investment
• Improves compliance reporting & documentation
• Includes mySMARTS: Robust online portal for ordering and managing equipment and more


• Low cost – 60-70% less than typical RTLS system, low maintenance
• Reduce equipment expenditures by increased utilization
• Unlock additional capital and operating dollars
• Rent strategically for peak, short-tern needs
• Reduce equipment loss
• Extend equipment life by consistent maintenance