Central Supply / Sterile Processing

Solutions by department:

Your Central Supply / Sterile Processing Department can reduce the risks of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and cross-contamination significantly when they have the ability to keep track of all equipment.

Improved utilization in equipment reduces the number of assets that have to be managed. There is often decreased productivity and reduced work in manually writing instrument counts. Automating and easily documenting the process flow of your instruments through the sterilization process with our asset management solutions is the key. Star Trax is easy to use, scalable and low-cost. It uses the latest technology to make your job easier and more effective.


Here are some of the benefits of using STAR Trax for your CENTRAL SUPPLY & STERILE PROCESSING department:

  • Improve staff productivity and morale by providing the proper tools and less time searching for equipment.
  • Increase productivity
  • Patient-ready equipment available when needed
  • No more hoarding equipment
  • RIght size your inventory and equipment software costs
  • Reduce lost equipment
  • Right Size inventory
  • Increase utilization decreases cost of acquisition and software related costs
  • Easily Manage Crash Cart Inventory
  • Right-size workforce with actionable activity reports
  • Manage PAR Levels in real time with live reports and auto-email notifications
  • Improves equipment utilization
  • Keep track of rental devices
  • Low cost as it’s 60-70% less than typical RTLS system
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce equipment loss