Solutions by department:

Nurses play a vital role at your hospitals. Most importantly, it is that direct patient contact where their education, training and experience impact the overall healing process. The hospitals’ nursing staff should not be spending time hunting down needed equipment. In fact, some studies have shown that per nurse and per shift, a nurse spends at least 50 minutes trying to located equipment. With the proper STAR Trax asset management tools customized and scalable for your hospital, you can give back the nursing staff the time they need to focus on the wellness of patients..

Here are some of the benefits of using STAR Trax for your NURSING STAFF:

  • Improve staff productivity and morale by providing patient ready equipment within reach
  • Reduce the risks of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and cross-contamination
  • Reduce time spent “hunting” equipment
  • No more need to hoard valuable equipment
  • Improve patient satisfaction by giving them more time