Materials Management

Solutions by department:

Materials management is a vital function for improving productivity at your medical facility. Utilize our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to locate assets quicker and faster. We have the right materials management solutions to improve your on-site materials tracking and inventory management processes.

Has your staff ever had to roam around room after room at your medical facility trying to locate that ventilator or infusion pump?

Take that stress off their shoulders by having the right STAR Trax tools customized for your facility, and you can eliminate the hunting and hoarding of hospital equipment. Your staff can easily locate assets without having to enter a patient’s room with the RFID hand-held equipment finder as shown in the picture below:
Features and Benefits for Materials Management:

  • Improve staff productivity and morale by providing the proper tools and less time searching for equipment.
  • Increase the nursing staff productivity
  • Patient-ready equipment available when needed
  • No more hoarding equipment
  • Average 30-40% increase in utilization
  • Reduce lost equipment
  • Right Size inventory
  • Increase utilization decreases cost of acquisition and software related costs
  • Keep track of rental devices
  • Low cost as it’s 60-70% less than typical RTLS systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce equipment expenditures by increased utilization by nurses
  • Reduce equipment loss
  • Easily Manage Crash Cart Inventory and expiration dates
  • Right-size workforce with actionable activity reports
  • Manage PAR Levels with live reports and auto-email notifications