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Hand-held Readers

Hand-held readers are the ideal choice for asset tracking.  Easy to operate and portable, this unit works no matter which floor you are on.  They’re the perfect choice when you are looking for tagged objects inside from a hallway, but don’t want to disturb the patient by entering the room.

Passive RFID Tags

Our passive RFID tags in various sizes and shapes are encased in hard plastic, each encoded with a unique ID number. The tag is affixed to a piece of medical equipment, with its unique ID and a description of that object is stored in the cloud hosted software provided.  Our passive tags are very durable and can resist the cleaning chemical process.

Tablets PCs

Handheld tablets running on Microsoft Windows OS are preloaded with our proprietary asset management software.

Fixed Readers

The RFID fixed readers are used for high traffic areas and delivers extremely high read performance for tracking large volumes of your valuable assets. You can quickly and accurately move assets from your medical facility throughout the building and easily track where it is.