Biomedical Services

Solutions by department:

Use our STAR TRAX asset management solutions to help your biomedical service staff to track equipment inventories, maintenance needs, recall issues and stay informed with actionable information on your hospital’s equipment fleet. The use of Passive Tag technology keeps your Biomedical staff out of the battery replacement business necessary with “active” tag technology. Our FIND Feature is a low cost scalable solution available for use by your own biomedical department.

Your biomedical staff can easily locate assets without having to enter a patient’s room with the RFID hand-held equipment finder as pictured below:


Take the stress off your team by having the right STAR Trax asset management tools customized for your hospital equipment.

Here are some of the benefits of using STAR Trax for your BIOMEDICAL SERVICES team:

Clinical Benefits

  • Keep track of due for PMs, lost equipment, recalled equipment
  • Ease of use in locating equipment without disturbing patients
  • Extend equipment life by compliance maintenance schedules
  • Passive tags, no battery change needed.
  • Scalable and easy to add other devices
  • Improve utilization and less devices to maintain
  • Ensures availability of patient-ready equipment
  • Improves compliance reporting & documentation
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduce equipment loss